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Yelverton Tegner, professor sportsmedicin and a specialist ortopedist. Has since 1974 been teamdoctor for Luleå Hockey and is currently teamdoctor for the Swedish womens soccerteam. He has been very involved in sportsrelated headinjuries and are a very respected Scientist in this area. " I think that it is a good idea if we could get young players to use this headguard. Even though it does not give a 100% protection from headinjuries. Even so it seems to reduce the risk of a headinjury."

Mikael Klotz, Medicinskt & REHAB ansvarig Hammarby Fotboll, leg.sjukgymnast/Physiotherapist, Chairman in the organisation of Physiotherapists in Swedish Soccer: I have tested the headband on my own players at the very top of Swedish fotball and want to recommend the use of headguards in fotball. It is in my opinion a very urgent matter and they really work. After a week or so the player is used to the headguard and is not hindered when playing with it.

 Alan B Ashare MD, Dr. Ashare has been the chairman of a number of International meetings on Concussions and Safety in Ice Hockey. He is also the chairman of the Safety & Protective Equipment Committee of USA Hockey, former chairman of the Hockey Equipment Certification Council and on the Board of Governors of USA Hockey: I have been recommending the FF Headband to all my teammates and to youth coaches. The FF Headband has been shown to decrease the impact forces to the head for young AND old soccer players.

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  1. Huvudskydd fotbollsspelare, Forcefield Ultra

    Huvudskydd fotbollsspelare, Forcefield Ultra

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    Gjord av Neoprene, Består av stötabsorberande polymerer, 360-graders skydd, Tillgodoser samtliga ASTM standarder, Lätt att ställa in storleken, Absorberar upp till 80% av stötarna från unga spelare, samt upp till 50% för äldre, En storlek passar alla.

    Forcefield ULTRA features:

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